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Keeping your Pit Bull safe while traveling

Most dogs, including your Pit Bull, get a thrill of being inside the
car and going for a ride.  They love the feel of the wind against
their face and the excitement of the cars passing by as they hang
their heads out of the window to enjoy the view.  

But while riding in a car is pure bliss for your Pit Bull, accidents
can and do happen.  You have a responsibility as their owners to take
precautions to ensure their safety and comfort while inside the car.

Also, having your Pit Bull ride in the back of a pick-up truck is very
irresponsible.  No matter how well balanced your dog may appear to
be, she cannot stay in the pick-up bed if you happen to slam on your
brakes, suddenly swerve into another direction, or get into an
accident.  He will surely be thrown from the truck and is very likely
to be killed.

Tying your dog in place by his collar is also an unsafe move ' it is
just a way for him to get a broken neck.  A doggy seatbelt is a very
good investment that you can provide for your dog.  It is widely
available online and in pet stores.  

Lastly, a sturdy cage is also effective in keeping your Pit Bull safe
inside the car.  Make sure that it is securely fastened to the car for
 both his and your safety.


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