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"Who Else Wants To Know Exactly What
To Do In An Emergency Situation With Your
Dog -- And What Kind Of Prevention
Your Dog Needs To Stay In Great Health?"


If you said "Me!" then this may be one of the most important letters you'll ever read...

Dear Dog Lover,

Most of the time your dog needs loving attention, food, and water (and maybe an old sneaker or tennis ball). But sometimes your dog's health is a little off -- or a lot off. What do you do in those cases?

Most of the time it's probably nothing, but do you risk not going to the vet just in case it really is serious?

I've put together an ebook (that stands for electronic book, which means you can download it right now) containing dozens of articles about dog health and first aid. These are some of the things you'll discover...

  • Do you know the six basic areas of a full examination at your veterinarian? If you start using a new vet you'll want to make sure these are covered.

  • What do laboratory tests reveal? Do you know the results that might indicate more tests are needed?

  • Has your vet talked with you about the potential dangers of your dog's vaccinations? If he or she doesn't bring it up, now you can!

  • Discover the basic check-ups with your dog for early detection of disease. You can do this at home and your dog will love the attention!

  • If you're breeding dogs you'll want to make sure you know the five ways to prevent congenital problems in dogs and the most common birth defects in dogs.

  • Do you know what to do when a foreign object gets inside your dog’s body? In some cases you should NOT remove the object - make sure you know the difference.

  • You'll learn what to do when your dog is bleeding and the importance of giving your dog the right first aid treatment.

  • Find out how to handle respiratory disorders, such as nasal discharge, gagging, and acute coughing.

  • Is your dog straining to urinate or does he/she have constipation? Do you know the best way to fix the problem?

  • Learn five tips for dealing with an injured dog and what to do about dog bites and insect stings.

  • Find out how to resuscitate your dog if his heart stops beating. Yes, CPR can be done on your dog and it may mean the difference between life and death!

  • Anyone who lives in areas that get hot needs to know how to prevent your dog from having heatstroke -- and if it does happen, do you know what to do (hint, DON'T put ice water on your dog!)?

  • Do you know the recommended first aid for dog poisoning? And the best way to administer liquid medicine or pills to your dog?

  • Could your dog's front leg lameness be a simple sprain or a sign of something more serious? Can you handle bone, joint, and muscle problems?

  • Discover the natural ways to prevent and treat arthritis in dogs.

  • Learn the three steps in applying your dog's eye drops and the three steps to follow when applying ear drops to your dog.

  • ...and many more topics.

Dog Health and First Aid was created to be a quick read and reference rather than an "in-depth" work. After all, most of the time all we need to know is, how serious could this be? The ebook is 42 pages long and includes over two dozen high-quality photographs of some very cute dogs and puppies. In fact, this is what one of the first recipients of this book said...

"...just packed with content..."

"Jay, I'm really impressed at the content in this ebook. I like the fact that it's not a huge book that I wouldn't ever get through -- it's just packed with content that I can use with JC.

And the dog pictures are great! I would have bought the ebook for those alone! Thanks!"

Ross Lambert
E. Wenatchee, WA

The price of Dog Health and First Aid is just $14.95 You can order online with my secure, encrypted shopping cart and download the ebook in just minutes from now.

Okay, but what happens if you don't like it? What if you don't think the information is of any use to you? No problem, because I know that most people will love it. So I want you to keep it for up to 90 days and look it over. If you examine it and still think it's not what you're looking for, I will refund every penny back to you...

...and you can go ahead and keep the ebook as my gift to you!

Yes, I know that some people will abuse my satisfaction guarantee and buy the book with the intention to ask for a refund just so they can get the book free. However, I think most people in the dog agility world are more honorable than that and so I'd rather make you completely comfortable about ordering than worry about the people who will cheat me.

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Order right now from the link below and you will have the ebook on your computer in just minutes. To read the ebook you need the free Adobe Acrobat software, and most computers have that already loaded on. If you don't, I will provide a link to you so you can get that, too.

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Jay Jennings

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