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The three largest dog agility organizations in the United States are NADAC, USDAA, and AKC -- I put them in that order because I have dogs adopted from the pound and those first two organizations don't care whether you have papers on your dog or under your dog -- any old mutt can compete. :)


Dog agility trials are great fun whether you're a participant or just a spectator. They're typically held outdoors although trials held indoors are especially welcome when the sun is beating down or the snow/rain is falling down.

Agility trials usually get started fairly early, such as "first dog on the line" at 8AM (or earlier). That means competitors are there even earlier to walk the course, get psyched up (or calmed down), and to listen to the judge's briefing.

Right after our first trial I wrote up an article called "Tips for Every Novice" and it's available free for people who join our mailing list (you can unsubscribe at any time). In it I detail what we did right (and wrong!) at our first agility trial. If you're getting ready for your first trial, you *must* read it! I guarantee you'll find some tips that will make your first trial more enjoyable.

If you've never been to an agility trial and would like to see a sample course, I've included one on the site...

NADAC: The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) was formed in 1993 to provide North American dogs and their handlers a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the the sport of dog agility. NADAC sanctions agility trials sponsored by affiliated clubs.

The purpose of a NADAC agility trial is to demonstrate the ability of a dog and its handler to work as a smoothly functioning team. (From their website.)

NADAC is our first choice for dog agility because they allow mutts to compete!

Calendar of upcoming NADAC trials
NADAC rules and regulations

USDAA: Another organization that allows mixed-breed competitors (I'm talking about dogs here -- all organizations, even AKC, allow mixed-breed handlers) is the United States Dog Agility Association.

Calendar of USDAA events
USDAA rules and regulations

AKC: If you have a pure-breed dog then you already know about the AKC -- and since I don't have one I'll just stop my commentary here.

Calendar of AKC events
AKC agility rules and regulations

Just For Fun If you're looking for a low-stress option for agility, you might want to check out JFF.