Dog Agility Equipment

MACH Dog Agility Trial • Palmer, AK • August 27-28, 2005


Dog Agility Screensaver

For those of us who can't get enough agility, now you can install a screensaver on your computer with hundreds of pictures of dogs jumping, weaving, climbing, and making pizzas. (Well, not exactly that last one.)

The screensaver works on Windows and Macintosh computers and contains over 200 pictures -- the sample up above has about half of what you'll see. Plus, the full screensaver contains pictures that are full screen in size so you can see the hairs on their little heads and their toenails in the contact zones!

The screensaver is delivered to you via Priority Mail (US orders) so you'll have it quickly. It's only $14.95 plus $3.85 shipping and handling and I'll also include, absolutely free, two more dog screensavers -- one that's too sweet for words and the other that will make any dog lover howl with laughter!

Oh, and if you decide you don't like the screensaver for some reason, return it within SIX MONTHS and I'll quickly refund your money (not including shipping and handling, of course). So you can order the dog agility screensaver completely risk free! (Yes, I use a secure server so using a credit card is completely safe!)


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