Dog Agility Equipment

Dog Agility Course Samples

Are you wondering what an agility course looks like? Do you wonder how you can train your dog if you only have a normal-sized backyard and not a multi-acre farm?

Hopefully this page will answer some of your question. I'll show you a sample backyard course and later on we'll look at a sample competion course.

Backyard Course

Here's a course that can be built in a 30' x 50' backyard. One cool thing about it is that you can turn the chute around and run the course backwards, so you actually get two course in one.

Another way to increase the possibilities is to turn the chute around, tweak the tire jump just a little, and then run the course in this order: 1, 2, 3, 7, 6, 5, 4, 8.

Here's the explanation for the backyard course. In the upper-left is the start line. The first obstacle is a jump, followed by another jump and then the tunnel. The fourth obstacle is an A-frame which leads to the pause table. After the dog does a down for a count of 5, he takes off over the winged jump and then hits obstacle seven, the chute. From that there's a tire jump and then across the finish line!