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You're getting ready to enter your first dog agility trial and your brain has turned to mush. Not only has Horace (your dog) just decided that leaping off the dog walk is way cool, but you know that you'll never remember the course even if they give you 24 hours to walk it (they won't) and maybe when the officials see what a failure you are as a handler they'll make a new rule with your name on it, and... and...

Stop! You're freaking me out!

In the spring of 1999 my wife and I decided to enter our first agility trial, the CAT trial in Vancouver, WA. We had lots of questions and very few answers so I started this web site in an attempt to create a place for novice handlers to learn some of the tricks of the trade. If you can learn some of them beforehand you'll have a much nicer first trial!

We're hoping this site will grow to be a great resource for novice handlers. You'll see dog training tips, agility equipment plans, and anything else we can think of to make your first (or second, third, etc.) agility trial go as smoothly as possible. Please contact us at with any questions or comments. Thanks.

Jay & Wanda Jennings
Abracadabra - NAC, NJC
Alakazam - NJC, 2/3 NAC


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